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ABADABAD - “Indiana”

OHLOOK! It’s another amazing track from ABADABAD. Perhaps my new favorite from these fellas, this track balances its rather heavy lyrics with weightless, swirling melodies & dreamily echoing vocals. As if you needed another reason to see these dudes at CMJ this week?! Go witness their glory in real life HERE:


9:00PM Pete’s Candy Store [Williamsburg]

12:00AM 13 Thames [Bushwick]

FRIDAY 10/21

9:45PM The Living Room [Manahattan]

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    How could I not love this song from ABADABAD named after my home state thats also “An Open Letter to Michael Jackson”?!...
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    nice lil’ bit from my good ol’ friend meghan of antleredpigeons, along with a list of our CMJ days/times. c yall in NEW...
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